I have designed and delivered many trainings and workshops on many topics, but my favorite one remains “Train the trainers”. I am guessing around 1000+ junior trainers emerged from these conferences I have done. The big question is: what happens after becoming a certified trainer? You need to deliver many hours to gain experience.

Once you have done that, is very easy to hit a plateau and if you stay hungry and  foolish as Steve Jobs advised, then you need peer-to-peer learning. This is hard to find in Europe. I discovered though, that there is a conference, Trainers’ Forum, for senior trainers to meet and exchange experience, sharpen their skills together and learn more. So, I decided to support this conference – which is the biggest non-profit trainers’ gathering in Europe, and organize its 6th edition in Romania, in my city. Taking my passion for trainers’ development to the next level. This time not training trainers, but being the host of them, with the help of Ice Breaker Community.  If you want to support this endevour, drop me an message. Any help in making this as affordable as possible for trainers from all paths of life, is welcomed.

Trainers’ Forum will take place on 14-17th of June, 2018 and you can find more info about it, here.

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