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For high achieving women

Sometimes no matter how powerful and strong a woman you are, you need someone close to hug you and tell you everything will be ok. And if there is no one, maybe you panic, maybe you cry, maybe you crash and burn everything around you, or you just feel like there is no hope and could just die cause there is no meaning to life. It could be depression, exhaustion, you could try to self-diagnose as much as you want, but what you actually need, as a strong and powerful woman that you are, is sleep. Tons of sleep, or maybe just a couple of hours or a ten minute blink. Just sleep. Everything will be alright when you wake up.
You don’t need to self-talk yourself to getting better at giving your best, you already are an achiever. This is what brought you here. Saying that anything you do is not good enough, pushing yourself to your limit when you have reached the limit a while back is not the right Pavlov trick anymore. You need to be gentler with yourself. Understand that results aren’t everything, that YOU are everything. When you do the real “month’s closing”, YOU is all you really have.