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Keywords for my 2013

Before making any plans for 2014, you should “clean the plate” for 2013.

Was about:
1) Intentionality – i chose to start being a „delivery manager” in Scoala de Valori. I committed to not dropping any balls in any of the projects the organization had to implement. It was wild, it was tiring, it was awesome. I decided to continue doing it, get better at it and make „pretentiousness” a culture for the entire team.

2) Uncluttering – we have our own house. I have been dreaming of this and rehearsing in my head how it will be and how it will feel, and how it will look, since a long time ago. Now it’s done. We did it. We have it. To celebrate it, we threw away and gave away lots of stuff, starting fresh can’t be bad, no matter if you move in a new place or you are just doing the annual cleaning of your closet. Continue Reading..