educational projects

The Grow program ( of Scoala de Valori and AIESEC, needs to prepare around 100 foreign students (from different countries and cultures) into becoming trainers for a month project with teenagers in Romania. The content of the program needs to keep-up with the generation changes and thus needs yearly updating. The program has been running for 5 years now, successfully with over 10 000 teen participants and over 400 foreign trainers.


I design and run the bi-annual 5-day “Train the Trainers” conference for trainers’ preparation, taking into consideration the cultural differences, the profile of the participants, their level of knowledge in the area and the challenges they will face when delivering the workshops in the different Romanian cities. I also enjoy updating and replacing workshops from the project manuals, maintaining a high level of innovation in the training methods and exercises, in order to have the highest possible impact and keep the interest of the teenagers throughout the 10 workshops.


The gap between the Romanian teenagers and foreign trainers is bridged through updated teen-centered workshops and custom-made “Train the trainers” conference design around the profile of the foreign trainees and sensitive to their cultures.

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