Choice – assessment center simulation


To assess particular skills in an assessment center, in an innovative manner that takes the participants out of their comfort zone. The method should also be versatile, to be able to stop and remodel it anytime depending on what behaviors and reactions the evaluator / HR person would like to observe. Ideally, to be enjoyable and also to transform the time spent together into an awesome team building time.


The solution created is a workshop where, sometime in the very far future, 5 tribes live on an stranded island in harmony until one of them decides to overpower the others. The main issue is that the resources and skills of the 5 tribes complete each other well in order to live properly on the island, but what can you do when someone wants to decimate your tribe? The simulation is versatile through a system of “news & messages” that enables the tribes to communicate in a specific manner.


The motto of the workshop is “for every choice there is a consequence”. And indeed there is. The versatility the story, the tribes features and the communication system offer, are a gold mine for the evaluator or team building facilitator. “Choice” has been successfully used in workshops in 2014 for more than 200 participants (suitable for age 15-60 years old)