Project management

I discovered the word „project” in high school in my English class. It was the only subject in which we were doing projects, working in teams with all the fun and the bumps along the way that make projects both challenge and joy. It was love at first sight.

The love affair grew during years of managing increasingly complex projects, first as an AIESEC intern, then managing company-wide projects for major German and Swiss companies and, today, in my own business services company.

I am happiest when I can find or propose solutions for problems that conventional wisdom has given up on as impossible to solve. I found out that my writing ability was a big asset in managing teams of all kinds.
Over time, I learned that I could add value to any project, thanks to my recruiting background and a knack for finding the right people at the right time for the right project.  It also helps that I’m the type who can’t sit still and likes nothing better than moving heaven and earth to get things done.

In my learning architect/trainer role, big-budget projects with teams of twenty or more members are now almost second nature to me. Whether I am coordinating a nation-wide network of presenters and ensuring the success of a big educational project or running large international conferences, I am in my element.

Currently, in my entrepreneurial role, I also love managing globe-spanning, multicultural real or virtual teams on big yummy projects like translating a video game into several languages. That this project required me to learn how to play the game first just added to the fun.