I first became an entrepreneur at nineteen years of age. With friends, I started a software company to write educational software. We were ready, but, unfortunately, the market was not. The team lost its motivation and we all split to go our own ways. It was a growing-up experience.

Then I  made it my life’s goal to have my own cafe / restaurant / hotel by the time I turned thirty-five – considering that to be the time of my life by which I would have gathered the experience for making it on my own.

When I turned twenty-five,  after working for five  companies and living in four foreign countries, I decided to start an online company with two friends. Once again, it failed.  My partners just  were not committed enough to the idea and were not really willing to work for it.

Another time for soul searching ensued. The words of my first employer came to mind – he used to tell me that to be successful as an entrepreneur you needed to fail a few times, you could not learn it from books – and never start a business with more than one partner, if possible, but ideally do it on your own.  Five months later, I took his advice and started my own company, solo this time, as a birthday gift to myself.

This time it worked well and what started as small freelance shop has grown into the Rent eBrains brand name – a business services company that I love with a passion and where I learned how to work with partners. So well, in fact, that I married one of them.