Career coaching

One of my first jobs was to help freshly graduated men and women write their resumes and match them with suitable internships that fit their profiles. I had to convince the intern takers that the candidates I recommended were the right “fit” for them, too  – so you could say that, in a way,  I was “selling”  the candidates, or rather their profiles.  This started when I was nineteen.

Since then I have done a lot of research on career coaching, become addicted to psychometrics modules , conducted over 500 job interviews during three years working as a recruiter and went on interviews and to assessment centers myself as a kind of hobby. I even wrote the curriculum for a “train the career coach” workshop, which, unfortunately, was never rolled out to actual participants,  as my employer at the time decided to reenter the rat race and let the program gather dust.

I have helped over a hundred young people uncover what they are good at, rewritten their CVs and helped them find jobs.  It was a hobby until recently when, encouraged by a good friend, I decided to take this skill public in order to benefit new crops of graduates with this indispensable service.