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For high achieving women

Sometimes no matter how powerful and strong a woman you are, you need someone close to hug you and tell you everything will be ok. And if there is no one, maybe you panic, maybe you cry, maybe you crash and burn everything around you, or you just feel like there is no hope and could just die cause there is no meaning to life. It could be depression, exhaustion, you could try to self-diagnose as much as you want, but what you actually need, as a strong and powerful woman that you are, is sleep. Tons of sleep, or maybe just a couple of hours or a ten minute blink. Just sleep. Everything will be alright when you wake up.
You don’t need to self-talk yourself to getting better at giving your best, you already are an achiever. This is what brought you here. Saying that anything you do is not good enough, pushing yourself to your limit when you have reached the limit a while back is not the right Pavlov trick anymore. You need to be gentler with yourself. Understand that results aren’t everything, that YOU are everything. When you do the real “month’s closing”, YOU is all you really have.


Body maintenance and recalibration

The human body is a complex machine. Because we are so used to “having” it we tend to forget what a big deal it is to have such a “possession”. Like any machine it needs some breaks to cool down and tending to. Whether you compare it to a racing car or a hoover craft or maybe something that doesn’t move that much, let’s say a laser welding industrial machine, it needs a pit-stop, a maintenance break at a certain time interval. But how many of us actually take this break? And how often? I am seeing people around me everyday having no clue when their batteries are about to drain and it’s obvious they are running on fumes and about to break down. Continue Reading..


The train people

The train people are those who are daring enough to open their eyes and see the trains that pass through “their station” and jump from train to train to train until they find the one that was meant for them. During this journey many questions arise and they have to be very special people. I wonder what are the attributes of the train people?

1. What happens when you know you can do whatever you want and you can have whatever you wish for?

2. What happens when all you believe in is yourself and only yourself, and this person never disappoints you?

3. What happens when you realize that the dream of accumulating knowledge is useless because even if you are the happiest of all learners, ready to learn at each and every step you make, when you realize that all this will never end, just when you die? Should you strive to reach for such a dream as accumulating knowledge until you die or should you stop and figure out some other dream? Continue Reading..