Body maintenance and recalibration

The human body is a complex machine. Because we are so used to “having” it we tend to forget what a big deal it is to have such a “possession”. Like any machine it needs some breaks to cool down and tending to. Whether you compare it to a racing car or a hoover craft or maybe something that doesn’t move that much, let’s say a laser welding industrial machine, it needs a pit-stop, a maintenance break at a certain time interval. But how many of us actually take this break? And how often? I am seeing people around me everyday having no clue when their batteries are about to drain and it’s obvious they are running on fumes and about to break down.

It’s amazing how accurate some warranties are for cars, for an espresso machine, even for a toaster or a manual nut cracker. Yet we have no clue what is the warranty and maintenance time for each of us. I mean, we know we have to drink 2 liters of water a day and that without food you can die, not to mention the lack of air, but at an individual level, who pays attention to their body? I am sure we are not giving it the attention it deserves but does each of us at least know when it is time to go into maintenance? From blood tests to thinking a little about what you want from your next 3 months [at least, nothing pretentious like 5 years, that’s out-fashioned]. Besides the daily sleep time and some the daily 15 minutes sport routine and meals, though sometimes we skip some of these, what other maintenance do you do for yourself?

And the worst part, even when we do maintenance, how many of us recalibrate? To rectify those actions that put our body through stress, to adjust our diet, to remove or correct the environment that makes our batteries consume faster. Humans are such sadistic creatures.

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