Learning Strategist.


Project manager.


I am Armina. I design custom learning solutions. Most of my time. For the rest of it, I run a company and deliver trainings.

I like quality, I love computers, I love diversity in projects, cultures and people, I love the mountainous ocean shores, I like conversations, I like reading books and enjoy watching animations.

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My services range from workshop design and career coaching to start-up advice and project management consulting. Just check out all of the service lists below to get a general idea of what I can deliver. More info…

    • Self-discovery tools
    • Psychometrics
    • Values identification

    Career coaching

    • Business model design
    • Marketing strategy for a new launch
    • Company identity design

    Start up advice

    • Agenda planning
    • Training delivery
    • Customized learning models


    • Blended and elearning strategy
    • Learning solutions design
    • Gamification concepting

    Learning Strategy

    • Self-discovery
    • Personal development
    • Management workshops
    • Strategic planning


    • Consulting
    • Courses



  • All
  • volunteering
  • entrepreneurial
  • training
  • educational projects


The clients I have done projects for, range from self-preneurs to Fortune 300, from single mom writers, to multinational companies looking for outside-the-box solutions on HR, IT or organizational development. They are almost 1000, from all over the world, but lately mostly from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Romania.


One can only do so much by herself. Therefore I got myself surrounded by project managers, translators, graphic designers. All known for being ambitious, professional and with a 24/7 “can do” attitude.



Sometimes learning hurts and it’s for the better!

As a trainer, when educating, I am changing personality more often than I change socks. I consider you have to. When it’s time for fun, you should be an enter-trainer, when things are serious, you should be like the thunder – loud, clear and memorable. I have always believed “earthquakes” teach best. But there is this new wave of wanna-be-trainer who keep saying the learner has to be kept happy. NO! The learning journey has its up and downs, happy and sad times. In order to be memorable it has to bring in some emotions, both positive and negative. For example: if something frustrates you and you have a good coach alongside, you will learn to get over it and next time you will do it better and this will make you happy in the end, and the learning memorable.

Well, these new wanna-bes keep using “smile-sheets” instead of feedback forms. They want to know ONLY “if it was fun”, “if you felt ok”, “if you enjoyed the ride”. Guys, the participants are not at the circus! They need to learn something, too. Anyways, why rattle more, when I found the evidence.

Here it is: <<“For years now we’ve assumed the learner experience is key to measuring the effectiveness of training. Hence the inflated importancegiven to “enter-trainers”. But learning is not just for the learners. Most of those who take part in work-based learning are doing it for the benefit of their employers. And rightly so, since they usually foot the bill. But surely a happy learner is a more motivated learner, and so more likely to transfer their learning? Perhaps, but not necessarily. Meta-study research by Sitzmann on 68,245 trainees showed that variance in learner satisfaction accounted for:

• 2% of the variance in factual knowledge
• 5% of the variance in skill-based knowledge
• 0% of the variance in training transfer >>

from Reed Learning, from their “Little Book of Impact” – here: http://www.reedlearning.com/~/media/PDFs/Resource%20Centre/Little_Book_of_Impact.ashx